A UX Case Study
Project Team: Kim Moy, Matthew Weber
April 19, 2016
Mobile Payments Have a Trust Issue
Why aren't more people using their phones to pay at the register in stores? They just don't trust them.

Only 2% of the 106 people that we surveyed were willing to use their phones to pay for a simple transaction in a convenience store. The number one reason why the majority of people did not pay with their phones — they did not trust it. People felt that having their personal payment information on phones would not be secure, and they feared having that information on devices that they might lose.

Interestingly, when we added a $10 incentive at the register, the portion of respondents willing to pay with their phones increased to a third of people surveyed. But of the two-thirds who refused to use phone payments, 27% said it was, again, because of a lack of trust. For those who believe that paying with their phones is not secure, a $10 reward just isn’t enough to push them over the threshold of trying something new.

You can view the format of the survey or download a CSV of the survey results.

Takeaways for Leadership

  1. Ten dollars was an effective incentive to convince about 30% of people to use their phones to pay in stores.
  2. There is an inherent distrust in using mobile phones for payments that still needs to be overcome.

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